Model No.: GGS-240401-DGS-03
Introducing a robust 4-stroke diesel generator powered by the Cummins KTA50-G3 Engine, boasting a prime power output of 1000kW and 1250kVA. Coupled with the reliable Stamford LVI634G Alternator, this generator ensures consistent and efficient power generation for various applications, catering to demanding power requirements with its formidable engine and alternator combination.
Model No.: GGS-240401-DGS-02
Presenting a robust and high-capacity diesel generator with a prime power output of 1100kW and 1375kVA, driven by the formidable Cummins KTA50-G8 Engine. With its 16-cylinder Vee configuration and reliable Stamford PI734B Alternator, this generator ensures steady and efficient power supply for a wide range of applications. Operating at a frequency of 50Hz, this generator is equipped to meet the most demanding power needs with its water-cooled system and 4-stroke engine design.
Model No.: GGS-240401-DGS-01
Introducing a robust and high-performance diesel generator, engineered to deliver prime power of 1200kW and 1500kVA, this powerhouse features a formidable Cummins KTA50-GS8 Engine boasting 16 cylinders for unparalleled strength. Paired with the renowned Stamford PI734C Alternator, this generator ensures reliable and efficient operation to meet even the most demanding power requirements.
Model No.: GGS-240401-GGS-02
Presenting a top-of-the-line 4 Stroke Natural Gas Generator crafted to deliver remarkable performance, boasting a rated power of 1000kW and 1250kVA. This powerhouse is driven by the formidable Perkins 4016-61TRS2 Engine, featuring 16 cylinders of raw energy. Paired with the reliable Stamford S6L1D-G4 Alternator, this generator promises unmatched reliability and efficiency for your most demanding power needs.
Model No.: GGS-240401-GGS-01
The high-performance Natural Gas Generator offers a substantial rated power of 875kW and 1094kVA, leveraging the robust capabilities of its 16 Cylinder Perkins 4016-61TRS1 Engine. Engineered with closed cycle cooling technology, this generator ensures enhanced efficiency and durability for demanding applications.
Model No.: GGS-240329-GGS-02
Efficiently power your operations with our 50Hz natural gas generator, delivering 408kW and 510kVA of reliable performance. Featuring a Perkins 4006-E23TRS4 engine and a Stamford S5L1D-D41 alternator, this generator ensures seamless energy production with its 4-stroke, 6-cylinder inline configuration.
Model No.: GGS-240329-GGS-01
Experience reliable power generation with our 4-stroke natural gas generator, boasting a rated power of 307kW and 384kVA. Driven by a robust 6-cylinder Perkins 4006-23TRS1 engine and featuring closed-cycle cooling, it ensures efficient and sustainable energy production for your needs.
Model No.: GGS-240329-DGS-08
Elevate your power supply with our 60Hz, 3-phase diesel generator, driven by a Cummins QSK19-G5 engine and featuring a Stamford HCI544E alternator. With a robust prime power output of 550kW and 688kVA, this generator ensures dependable performance for your critical operations.
Model No.: GGS-240329-DGS-07
Experience robust power generation with our 3-phase diesel generator, featuring a 12-cylinder Cummins KTA38-G1 engine and a Stamford HCI634G alternator. With a prime power output of 700kW and 875kVA, this generator delivers reliable performance for your industrial needs.
Model No.: GGS-240329-DGS-06
Discover unparalleled power reliability with our 50Hz diesel generator, driven by a Perkins 4012-46TAG3A engine and paired with a Stamford PI734D alternator. With a prime power rating of 1280kW and 1600kVA, this generator ensures uninterrupted performance for your critical operations.