Avoid Common Errors for Reliable Diesel Generator Operation
In recent years, with the widespread application of diesel generators across various industries, the importance of power supply assurance and equipment maintenance has become increasingly prominent. However, some operators lack sufficient understanding of the operational principles and correct procedures of diesel generators, leading to various common issues during usage. Below, we delve into these problems and propose corresponding solutions.
1. Frequent Starting of Diesel Generators
During startup tests of diesel generators, some users may attempt starting them too frequently. This practice not only consumes battery power but may also damage the batteries. According to regulations, the time interval for consecutive starts should not be less than 5 seconds. If a startup attempt fails, there should be a 15-second interval before the next attempt. Additionally, users should learn the correct startup procedures to avoid unnecessary damage.
2. Lack of Preheating
After startup, diesel generators should undergo preheating, especially in cold seasons. Diesel engines should idle at low speeds for 3-5 minutes after startup, allowing the temperature to rise before applying the load. This helps reduce mechanical wear and ensures the proper functioning of the engine.
3. Failure to Cool Down Before Shutdown
Not cooling down before shutdown is a common mistake, particularly in hot summer environments. After operating with a load, diesel generators should idle at low speeds for a period before shutdown to allow the temperature to decrease gradually. This prevents mechanical damage due to sudden temperature drops.
4. Mixing Different Grades of Engine Oil
Mixing engine oils of different brands or grades may lead to a decrease in oil performance, negatively impacting diesel engines and potentially causing equipment failures. Therefore, when selecting engine oil, users should choose the appropriate grade based on local weather conditions and ensure compatibility with the generator's specifications.
In conclusion, proper operation and maintenance are crucial for ensuring the normal operation of diesel generators. Users should enhance their understanding of the structure and principles of diesel generators, strictly adhere to operational procedures, and perform regular maintenance to ensure long-term stable operation, providing reliable power support for various industries and daily life.
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